Mending Time

Hey Threadsters and welcome to my teeny tiny snippet of the internet. Today I want to talk about the dreaded mending pile. If you’re anything like me you have a growing pile of mending. Shirts that need buttons sewn back on, clothing with holes that need patching, hems to hem and the always present: those … Continue reading Mending Time

Adventure Time

The quirky story of how Thready Set Go came to own a Singer hand crank sewing machine. Complete with pugs and goats.

DIY Time

  Fabric Produce Bags Hey Threadsters and welcome to my teeny tiny snippet of the internet. I felt as though it was time for you and I to get down and thready creating something awesome, reusable and eco-friendly. I have started making reusable fabric fruit and veggie bags to replace those pesky plastic guys at … Continue reading DIY Time

Workroom Tour

This is where the ‘magic’ (and a lot of swearing) happens. Since moving house I have been able to spread out a bit and set up a functioning sewing space in my new home. It will probably evolve over time no doubt, but for now I’ll put the kettle on and take you on a tour...

Maiden Voyage

It happened. I attended my first two markets as a legit business. Let me fill you in. Lismore Farmers' Market is a lovely produce market held every Saturday at Lismore Showground....

The Journey So Far

I had a big moment of reminding myself that I have the power to create my own reality, including employment....I began to get excited about the possibilities.

In The Beginning

I am based in beautiful Northern NSW and I sew a small range of reusable every day products in the hopes to reduce some of the single use plastic getting around this planet.....